Born in Lachine, Quebec, Mike began writing music at twelve and performing at fifteen. Influenced by alternative, if not quirky, Blues, Folk and Country musicians and lyricists, Mike focused on developing his own voice and style after moving to Boston in 1984. He relocated to Vancouver in 1994.


Recording since 1989, Mike has produced 25 CD’s: Just Me (’89), Underture (’90), Can and Does (’91), After All (’92), Becoming One (’93), Don’t Say Those Words (’94), Even (’96), Frustration (’96), Gone Sane (’97), Having Fun Still: Should Have Been Greatest Hits Volume I (’97) Innocence Twisted (’98),Kicked (’00), Live (’01), Mining for Meaning (’02), No Caption Required (’03), Open Mike  (’04), People Stories (’05), Quoi  (’06), Rare  (’07), Surrender to Saturation  (’08),  “Tunes Started in a Pub” (’09), “Void of Conscience” (’10), “When, When is Now” & “Xenophobic” (’11), “Yesterdays Filled With Tomorrow’s”  (’12),

Presently working on scheduled “Zealously Seeking, Sheepishly Keeping”  release date fall/winter 2014.